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New Report: High-Speed Rail "Part of the Solution"

A new report puts clear numbers and a clear vision on how high-speed rail will boost the Wisconsin and Midwest economy, reduce highway and airport congestion, reduce dependence on oil, and protect the environment.

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Road Work Ahead

Drivers in Wisconsin pay an extra $281 per year on car repairs due to highways and bridges in disrepair. A new report released today strongly criticized politicians and policies that favor building new roadways while neglecting existing bridges and roads. The report notes that 43 percent of roads in Wisconsin are in less than good condition and an unsettling 1,207 bridges are structurally deficient. An examination of recent spending (2006-2008) of federal transportation funds show that the state has directed far more dollars ($90 million) annually toward building new or wider highways compared to funds directed to fixing bridges ($55 million).

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New Report: Misplaced Highway Spending the Blame for Crumbling Roads and Bridges

A new report released today strongly criticized politicians and policies that favor building new roadways while neglecting existing bridges and roads.

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March 16 Marks "Transportation Freedom Day" for Metro Madison

On March 16, Madison residents celebrate Transportation Freedom Day, the date a typical area household has earned enough to cover its annual transportation costs.

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The Right Track

This report analyzes the potential of high speed rail in nine different regions, including the Midwest, and presents eleven public-interest recommendations for how to spend high speed rail investments in the future. According to data cited in the report, the completion of a national high-speed rail network would reduce car travel by 29 million trips and air travel by nearly 500,000 flights annually.

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Wisconsin Mayors, WISPIRG, Coalition Partners Tout Benefits of High Speed Rail in Wisconsin

The Obama administration's recent decision to award $823 million in high speed rail funds to Wisconsin is the first step towards a stronger, faster rail system that will reduce congestion, oil use, and carbon emissions, but there is much still to be done.

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Obama Administration Awards High Speed Rail Funds to Wisconsin

President Obama announces that Wisconsin will receive $823 million in ARRA funding for high speed rail development between Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

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What We Learned from the Stimulus

The latest data on stimulus spending show that funds spent on public transportation were a more effective job creator that stimulus funds spent on highways. In the 10 months since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed, investing in public tranportation produced twice as many jobs per dollar as investing in roads.

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Report Finds House Jobs Bill Misses Opportunity to Create the Most Jobs

Stimulus funds invested in public transportation projects created twice as many jobs as funds invested in highway projects, according to a new report released today by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG), in conjunction with the Center for Neighborhood Technology and Smart Growth America.

News Release | WISPIRG | Transportation

New Jobs Data Shows Public Transportation Investments Produce More Jobs, More Quickly

The latest data on stimulus spending shows that investments in public transportation projects create more jobs than investments in highway construction projects.


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