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Bruce Speight is the Director of WISPIRG. Bruce started his work with PIRG organizing college students as a campus organizer in Massachusetts. After two years there, he moved to Wisconsin to organize students at UW Madison with WISPIRG. Bruce worked with students to reduce exposure to pesticides at schools and day care centers, to preserve national forests, to make UW more sustainable and to protect Wisconsin lakes. From 2001-2004, Bruce was the program director of Massachusetts Community Water Watch, an Americorps program focused on community education and service to protect and restore Massachusetts’ rivers, lakes and streams.

In the summer of 2004, Bruce returned to Wisconsin to direct the Wisconsin New Voters Project, the state’s largest non-partisan, grassroots youth voter registration and mobilization campaign. WISPIRG’s New Voters Project registered and mobilized over 150,000 young voters in the 2004 election. After the election, Bruce was the Field Director for WISPIRG, running field campaigns to pass clean energy legislation, preserve Wisconsin’s lakes and to protect consumers, including identity theft and privacy legislation.

Since 2008, Bruce has been the Director of WISPIRG. He has focused on developing WISPIRG’s toxics, consumer, tax and budget, and transportation programs. Bruce helped to draft and pass Wisconsin’s BPA Free Kids Act, which bans the toxic chemical BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. Bruce also worked with a statewide coalition to pass Wisconsin’s smokefree air law and has run campaigns to make the state budget transparent and online, and to modernize Wisconsin's transportation system with high speed rail and enhanced transit. Bruce has authored numerous reports to inform Wisconsin’s state transportation budget and plan, including Building Boondoggles, Highway Boom, Budget Bust, Road Overkill and most recently, Driving Wisconsin’s Brain Drain?.

Bruce grew up in Virginia and attended Bowdoin College, graduating in 1996. He now lives in Madison with his wife, Heidi, and their two sons, Sylvan and Wyatt. Bruce enjoys biking, cross-country skiing, farmers markets and exploring Wisconsin's state parks with his wife and kids.

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