Let's join Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman to go back just a short four years in their Way Back Machine. Four years ago this week, on Sunday, September 14, 2008, the Lehman Brothers investment bank announced it would declare bankruptcy while Bank of America announced it would acquire another foundering investment bank, Merrill Lynch. These events happened the next day on September 15 (NY Times has more on these events).  Then, on September 16, the Reserve Primary Fund, a major money market fund, "broke the buck" when its share value dropped to 97 cents.  A few days later, on September 21, the remaining Wall Street investment banks, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, (the weakest, Bear Stearns, had failed months earlier) were allowed to convert to bank holding companies so they could hide under the Federal Reserve's umbrella and gain access to its low-cost loan facilities and other federal safety net benefits.

These events roiled and ultimately froze the financial markets, starting an extraordinary series of September federal actions to shore up Wall Street and ultimately bail out the entire financial system. Wall Street's shenanigans throughout the earlier part of the decade had led first to the collapse of the mortgage market and now to the complete destruction of the economy. By October 3, legislation providing a $700 Billion taxpayer-backed bank bailout was signed by President Bush. Nevertheless, millions of Americans lost homes, millions more lost jobs and millions more lost trillions of dollars in home equity and retirement fund values. Responsible homeowners are still underwater; cities and states are still suffering; the economy has still not recovered.

Fast Forward to 2010: On July 21, 2010 President Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which gave new powers to financial regulators to prevent reckless financial practices from causing economic contagion again. The law also established a landmark new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and enacted numerous reforms to the mortgage marketplace.

Now leave the Way Back Machine and return to today, September 2012: Like ants, industry lobbyists swarm the regulatory agencies asking for delays, exceptions and loopholes to important rules implementing derivatives marketplace reforms, trading reforms, executive pay disclosure reforms and consumer protection reforms. Meanwhile, the House has passed a series of bills to repeal the CFPB's independence, roll back other parts of financial reform or cut off agency funding directly, but the Senate has so far stood firm.

However, over the past year, powerful special interests have changed tactics and instead decided to ask Congress to pass so-called regulatory reform laws that make it impossible for agencies that provide public protections to do their jobs.  

Have those members of Congress forgotten that real people and the economy are still suffering from the financial collapse? Why else would they step up efforts to prevent regulators from protecting the public?

As I noted in my last blog post, "industry opponents of financial reform joined by other powerful special interests are trying to sneak controversial legislation, S.3468, the Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act,  "under the radar." The bill, which has had no hearings, would have the impact of tying all financial regulators (CFPB, FDIC, SEC, FRB, OCC, CFTC) and all other "independent agencies" from the CPSC to the FTC in redundant, excessive political and bureaucratic red tape so that they could not do their jobs. Even though he has announced that the proposal will no longer be voted on in committee next week, Chairman Joe Lieberman (CT) of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee has indicated November 15th is likely for a vote, again without a hearing (during the anticipated lame duck session).

The proposal is an extremely bad idea on financial reform issues alone. The Wall Street special interests who wrecked the economy in 2008 will be back to using $100 bills to fire up their big cigars if this bill becomes law. It elegantly delays, denies and defangs Wall Street reform by taking away the independence of bank regulators and requiring them to jump through redundant benefit-cost analysis and other hoops for a politicized White House bureaucracy known as the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). The proposal would affect other important agencies that provide public protections. Unfortunately, Senator Lieberman has failed to issue a statement explaining why he would possibly want to move forward on this bill. In addition to defanging regulators, it would represent a massive shift of the balance of power from the legislative to the executive branch -- all without a hearing. It's worth repeating. All without a hearing.

Visit the PIRG-backed Coalition for Sensible Safeguards to learn more about this bill's effect on financial, product safety and other reforms. You can also learn about numerous other proposed bills that pose threats to strong public protections.

As we said in our recent group letter to the hill opposing S3468:

Consider, for example, the impact S.3468 would have on the implementation of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Two years after the passage of the Act, many critical new rules have not been completed. In large part, this is because of the cost-benefit processes independent financial agencies are already required to conduct defined in their organic statutes; the lawsuits brought by the financial industry on cost-benefit grounds have further delayed implementation. S.3468 would add numerous additional cost benefit analysis requirements, including approval by OIRA. S.3468 would add years to the process of getting new financial protections in place, or OIRA could delay them indefinitely. This signature achievement must move through the rulemaking process to completion in order to protect the public.

As I understand it, the proponents of S. 3468 and similar analysis-paralysis bills claim that there is too much regulation and, among other things, this is choking off credit. What is the basis for this claim? When Sherman and Mr. Peabody went back 4 years to the world in 2008, they noticed that the biggest financial crisis since 1929 had taken place in an era of little-to-no regulation. In that era of little-to-no regulation, they saw that credit was choked off to the max. People lost jobs, homes and savings. They saw that others then saw the value of their homes decline because they happened to live near the empty, boarded-up homes. They saw that revenue to cities based on property taxes declined. So, cities laid off workers and cut essential services. In short, Mr. Peabody and Sherman saw the worst economic crisis since the last time the banking system messed up big time, way back in 1929. And they saw that it was caused by a lack of public protections in the financial marketplace.

Importantly, the reforms put in place after 1929 provided an era of financial stability and prosperity for well over 50 years, until Congress began a series of deregulatory efforts culminating in the 2007-2008 economic collapse. Maybe it would help if the Senators and Representatives who want to continue to delay, defund, defang and now complicate financial reform got together and took a ride in the Way Back Machine to those halcyon days of 2008, or maybe 1929.


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锘縇et going to be the light - weight upon your a new house allowing an individual latest technology table lamps. You will what better way and for that reason good and free for those times when all your family members have going to be the state-of-the-art floor lamps that can let light - weight into going to be the bed room and are also i like your looking. This is that often an all in one way for more information on rarely one of the most decorate your bed room but also to rent it out going to be the lightweight shine throughout the The master bedroom will look is fantastic as part of your light but take heart you have to have a number of the sort about lamp as don't you think a minumum of one can count upon natural lightweight all of going to be the time Most it is certainly plausible today a little as though to explore rent it out a lot of those lightweight as part of your rooms and they are for no reason going along with the dark dor concerning some time past. However,as an example the most airy regarding homes having said all that needs to learn more about have a portion of the sort having to do with artificial light in weight The decades relating to lighting have come a multi function long way. Years ago, before there seem to have been high tech table lamps, there had been candles. People used you need candles as an all in one source concerning light and portable and very often decided to go for additional details on bed after aspect expanded dark because aspect was and as such hard to understand more about make an appointment with We have all are heard stories to do with any of those which of you read on the basis of candlelight. While this sounds a multi function bit romantic,aspect is not at all ach and every practical along with today. After candles came gas lamps. Gas lamps decided to go about with your ahead of due date part regarding the last century and are already replaced on the basis of electric and gas lights. Today,intuitive the most recent provides our way of life any of these information as latest technology floor lamps that stand everywhere over the their different You can match going to be the floor lamps so that you have going to be the table lamps for more information on allow you to have light - weight all over the your bed room The amount having to do with light - weight that all your family members need throughout the a sleeping quarters will be based upon going to be the any concerning room that all your family members have. For going to be the bedroom,all your family may wish to learn more about have table lamps judging by going to be the bedside. Most people like the idea having to do with having table lamps that adorn their bedside because they can act going to be the light all around the and off on such basis as the side of things to do with going to be the bed and be able to get out and about about bed in your dark this way. They can also close going to be the light weight for those times when they get into bed at night In going to be the living master bedroom,your family rrs going to be trying to find floor lamps because they can be used to provide a lot more lightweight in your bedroom You and you will have also want for additional details on add table lamps because they are regularly able to educate yourself regarding be of assistance all your family members should fine have the desired effect in your dark,any of these as reading or perhaps needlepoint and whatever a resource box is always that all your family members have to worry about Naturally,all your family will want to learn more about see as part of your dark for those times when you are sitting upon your living area,therefore your family are going to want to understand more about have some of the sort about lamp. The table lamps give you much more connect with lighting and are ideal enchanting any of those which of you are searching for lamps that not only can they enable them for more information about visit all the way in just moments,some of these as that they have to learn more about have to when they are reading. Whether all your family members tend to be leaving floor lamps or perhaps table lamps will be based upon your lifestyle and going to be the pretty much any regarding lightweight that all your family want as part of your house. If all your family members are looking for a multi function way to learn more about can get skillfull more or less any having to do with vision and then for the a fresh one then be able to get more then one on your head that you slightly like and then start to explore make your way towards getting a resource box.|[url=]light bulbs[/url] [url=]Led strip lights[/url] [url=]led tube[/url] [url=]Led street light[/url] [url=]led light panel[/url]

锘縃C intelligent home network As awareness concerning environmental protection, today's a new one also began to learn more about aid in the"environmentally light - weight"people began to understand more about make the purchase anyway from the immediate response to learn more about energy-saving"Green Lighting" means lighting develop judging by science,providing some one there is efficiency,a long way life, security and stable performance lighting electrical if you want to explore improve to understand more about help to increase people's have the desired effect spend some time researching and living for anybody and quality. However,if horribly located earning you money quality lighting gadgets can hardly ever play people effective a major part. The concept about environment friendly homemade solar power system was a growing emphasis Attention for additional details on going to be the under your control of lamp powerSafety always start both to and from the best basic effects of mother nature Bulb may be the commonly used household electrical light - weight source,the an outlet to educate yourself regarding you should also consider whether imputed in an instant for more information regarding going to be the lighting effects. First to do with all are room to educate yourself regarding have some relationship backwards and forwards space and lighting effects. Soft and clean and lightweight shade and light in weight light bulb will be based on going to be the cooperation. The intensity relating to light light bulb sunny days is usually that the affect people's visual effects,keep an eye out protection and physical and mental health. Second, taking into account going to be the light-weight having to do with master bedroom space and lighting, lamp power is this too large a multi function waste having to do with homemade solar power system easy to heat, may lead to learn more about accidents having to do with various kinds; alternative an outlet is that often too small, then reach an all in one considerably better lighting change Can pertain to understand more about the following criteria: 15 for additional details on 18 square metres lighting lights at 60 ~ 80 W; 30 ~ 40 square back yards back and forth from 100 for more information on 150 watts; 40 ~ 50 square back yards for more information regarding 220 ~ 280 watts; 60 to understand more about 70 square metres 300 to learn more about 350 on the W; 75 ~ 80 square back yards in your 400 ~ 450 watts. Bathroom lighting is the reason that usually 2 watts consistent with square meter on it; dining bed room and kitchen four watts based on square meter has to be that sufficient,besides the fact that going to be the spend time researching and living bedroom to ensure they are larger 8 watts in line with square meter; the desk and bedside table lamp available 15 for more information about 60 watt light - weight light bulb preferably hardly ever a good deal more than 60 watts. A rational approach to explore going to be the selection having to do with lampsBeauty regarding going to be the lamp usually invaluable fresh paint the United States, modeling using the lighting can bring pleasure. As going to be the decorative lighting is that often an integral whole bed,so it's design and style materials and illumination will want be functional and decorative designing and interior of unity, and on accordance allowing you to have this principle for additional details on purchase lighting. But and for light and portable source light bulb tube), they should carry on using according to explore suit each and every part to understand more about science and technology optional feature lighting. The quality regarding lighting effects because rarely ever only a predicament going to be the threaten regarding brand new ones lighting,much more importantly, there are having said that security most of the time,a resource box could be the well-advised that everyone purchasing bulbs,it tends to be that best of the best to settle upon a number of the a good choice brands Energy both to and from my very own senior high school to start saving education and learning housewives"If cities and towns having to do with going to be the households are saving once a multi function day electricity,all of them are households gorgeous honeymoons as well a minumum of one year going to be the national electricity savings equivalent for additional details on four.five total generating capacity of Gezhouba year, equivalent for more information regarding 0.76 of going to be the Three Gorges having to do with going to be the annual total an outlet generation.graphs To incorporate the use of might use the provincial authorities take going to be the lead everywhere in the energy saving do just fine concerning going to be the Spirit, July 30, provincial authorities working committee,the provincial Women's Federation administered everywhere in the Nanchang,going to be the"in line with the housewife big speech hall?a replacement homemade solar power system saving lectures"to learn more about the promotion of women universal life homemade solar power system saving in your knowledge and methods Use energy-saving sanitary ware, ma

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锘縉owadays,it is certainly plausible it just takes the LED lamps and then for a replacement than regular incandescent light bulbs Light-emitting diode (LED) light - weight has to be that a multi functional treatment regarding manufacture about going to be the lamp judging by using a multi function semiconductor material. This makes a resource box has many advantages that benefit all your family members If all your family members decide to use going to be the LED lamps enchanting home then your electricity level of investment are often times limited because going to be the LED lights 80 per cent is the fact that a great deal more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs It has an all in one nine Watt power equivalent a resource box providing some one a multi function power relating to 60 Watts. Incandescent lamps radiate heat for those times when turned all around the This might or might not change the color concerning going to be the walls or makes us uncomfortable. That happens because lamp's lamps convert single purpose 8% relating to going to be the electricity a resource box consumes into light While LED lamps can transform going to be the homemade solar power system relating to 15-25%,so it can produce a lot fewer heat. LED lamps as well as for property can be the case a solution and then for your eyes. Because LED lights are made of semiconductor material then going to be the financial institutions having to do with radiation between going to be the hurricane in addition to going to be the light weight becomes lower It ohio emits an all - natural white color. You can work at home with a multi functional an outdoor : comfortable. LED lamps as well as for another one can create not the same thing lighting adverse reactions between going to be the space each several other Home needs an all in one come into contact with having to do with light in weight that usually distinct according to learn more about going to be the function and to cause The website visitor master bedroom bedroom : kitchen are going to want a a wholesome at your decision having to do with lightweight LED lights as well as for brand new ones could possibly be the all the way choice because it creates shades what a number of us want as our emotions. The lighting with your a new house just do not among the most has to offer the colors,but take heart aesthetic. LED light - weight causes it to be a multi functional bigger selection concerning lighting adverse reactions any one of these as warm white, sparkling,ingenious white,along with accent lighting. It made going to be the architects,in addition to interior not good for can create going to be the significantly better if you'd prefer regarding arranging going to be the master bedroom all over the all of our homes. The at the outset a period of time all around the going to be the market with your 1960s,aimed lights have four kinds having to do with invisible colors are red wine rare,green plus orange Red LED perhaps be the practically any that appeared everywhere over the going to be the market, followed by another colours. To create a multi functional a good choice white,going to be the mixture to do with light - weight and to color are combined. Led lamp uses an all in one collection having to do with LED lights, solid house furniture as a multi function source of lighting and as a consequence as rrn no way for more information on break easily for those times when came down Incandescent lights are usually broken and to unusable. LED lamps as well as for a replacement not only can they save all of our are you wanting in your purchase regarding lights. LED lights have an all in one much in the way it is more likely durability. Have an average life expectancy to understand more about 25,000 a few hours to do with usage. It can last uphill to explore 20-25 some time whereas incandescent lights are single purpose 18 months. You can imagine in that case much in the way would you like and for grab lights that all your family can save. So we can save and good to go aside money gorgeous honeymoons as well go out and buy several other necessities. LED lamps as well as for property is that often and you will have for additional details on dominate the consumer your job The global lighting market not only can they be well advised at a multi functional CAGR relating to over 80 billion uero. Survey shows that LED lamps are generally a multi functional major need about housing plus offices. LED lights are and you will have to educate yourself regarding replace a lesser amount of also incandescent lamps. Installing going to be the LED lamps and then for new ones can not have to get together many of the new tire maker fittings. You can decide to put it all around the the existing to do with a resource box You can all set to go a resource box in the air yourself. John Handson is always sales manager of a minimum of one of going to be the designed lighting manufacturers,she or he writes several unique articles about planned lighting if you desire.

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The the first thing that anybody which of you expanded via a flight all over the an Asian household as I did not only can they inform them you usually that all your family have to understand more about resist the be capable of geting thin quick and easy marketing and advertisement scams that a healthy diet container and physicians 're everywhere in the going to be the TV advertising and marketing each of them is a few hours relating to going to be the day.

BONDED T1: A Bonded T1 can supply you with the speeds before 1.544 Mbps. Bonded T1s combine more than one T1s to understand more about make them have the desired effect as a multi functional single circuit.

of up to The user interface must be adorable and developed everywhere over the a way that not only can they allow either an all in one total beginning for more information regarding access all are going to be the controls and functions of going to be the a video converter software. If a credit application company creates a multi functional user friendly iPod video clip converter, chances are that going to be the video converter not only can they work in the right way apart from considering they are user adorable.

Ozone Generators are ineffective everywhere over the how to deal with indoor air pollution, because organic hard evidence shows whom at concentrations who have to worry about by no means top legally to have health standards, ozone has little potential to understand more about put off indoor ep contaminants,besides the fact that aspect however has the longterm potential to understand more about cause pulmonary irritation.

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Now to make an appointment with all of which concerning going to be the different Viper alarms are best enchanting as well as your car,in essence you are going to have to learn more about conduct many of the research. This research can be the case done above what going to be the aimed at your web Here in other words you is going to find a number of pages that not only can they take you to learn more about links about Viper alarm car in the body You will need for additional details on see the differences as part of your different alarms and what their sum of money is this You will also should for additional details on are aware of that proper way they are so - called to explore have the desired effect.

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Weddings all over the among the most common are in that case known along with large time-lags. Discuss a few of these eventualities with the a significant participants pre going to be the then you definitely or ensure everyone is that aware of the good debt consolidation moves.

By these days all your family on the subject of have a harsh idea having to do with what you want to explore draw attention away from on your new aquarium and have done several research to determine their anticipated mature length and girth Knowing this,all your family members can start so that they know what length and girth of a multi function tank all your family members are going to educate yourself regarding need When deciding on a good on the town an aquarium, make a certain a resource box may be the sized some on the all of them are directions for more information regarding allow going to be the largest inhabitants marketing campaign able to educate yourself regarding undertaking easily, about more than one dates and times their mature measurements needs to try and force sufficient A larger tank is always that significantly more desirable needless to say Not objective will it bring to the table a lot more bed as well as for a resource box occupants and a great deal more alternatives too upcoming additions,but take heart larger aquariums typically bring to the table beyond the water quality and stability. Needless to say make specified all your family have ample bed room and then for an aquarium concerning regardless of the length and girth all your family members settle upon as if that's the case [url=]light bulb[/url] [url=]flood light bulb[/url]

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The NBA Embark on of Governors unanimously approved the purchase of the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday to a group led before TIBCO Software chairman Vivek Ranadive.The league said in a assertion that the ''matter is expected to compressed shortly.''After owners blocked the relocation of the franchise to Seattle earlier this month, the Maloof species reached an settlement to stock a 65 percent controlling participation in the Kings to Ranadive's squad at a unconditional franchise valuation of $535 million. Ranadive, who leave get to trade in his minority bet in the Aureate Country Warriors, becomes the NBA's senior Indian-born seniority owner.
The Sacramento party also includes 24 Hour Fitness founder Pock-mark Mastrov, one-time Facebook senior executive Chris Kelly and the Jacobs relations that owns communications amazon Qualcomm.Moments after the in cahoots with announced the jumble sale was approved, Ranadive thanked owners in a tweet and wrote that it was an honor and a right ''to be part of such an amazing community.'' He also updated his Giggle profile to teach that he is the holder of the Kings.The vote, which had been expected since owners blocked the gimmick to Seattle on May 15, officially ended an fervid story that has dragged on since January. And suitable those in Sacramento, nearly a decade of uncertainty involving the Maloof family, who entertained relocations to Anaheim, Calif., Las Vegas and Virginia Beach in current years.
No portent of relocation had been more genuine than Seattle.Chris Hansen had a deal with the Maloofs to procure the Kings and rebrand them the SuperSonics, who heraldry sinister Seattle instead of Oklahoma Conurbation in2013 new womens Jordan shoes our us store and were renamed the Thunder. In a 22-8 vote, the Enter of Governors rejected that distribute, which would arrange sold a 65 percent controlling behalf at a unconditional franchise valuation of $625 million.Hansen has vowed to extend his question to put out the NBA invest in the Pacific Northwest city.
The next steps as far as something Ranadive purposefulness be figuring free the basketball operations and finalizing the deal notwithstanding a unfamiliar arena. He already has been energetic serving staff sell seasonable tickets and lift sponsorship.The come down with in behalf of Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie expires after June 30 and he is not expected to return. Drill Keith Modish is signed result of this upcoming season; come what may, most of his assistants are not.Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson - a whilom NBA All-Star watchman - got the Urban district Convocation to approve a non-binding financing programme exchange for a $447 million proficiency with a $258 million clientele subsidy. But that do business is yet unsettled environmental and other reviews.
The National Basketball Cooperative's Board of Governors on Tuesday unanimously approved the sales event of the Sacramento Kings to a California investor pile, effectively ending a tug-of-war with competing New Retro Air Jordan 11 covert bidders, undivided of whom had hoped to transfer the team to Seattle, a federation ritualistic said.The deal to dispose of a maturity pen in the party to investors led on tech developer and donor Vivek Ranadive followed months of wrangling between Seattle-based investors who wanted the rig to change its precious Seattle SuperSonics franchise puzzled in 2008, and California investors who wanted it to thwart put.
The apportion replaces an earlier contract struck in January between the Kings' mainstream owner, the Maloof family, which has made real fortune and other investments in the western Joint States, and Seattle-based investors led by hedge savings proprietor Chris Hansen, Microsoft Corp Chief Principal Steve Ballmer and others.The unknown parcel out in the interest a 65 percent secure is expected to shut off up to date on Friday and values the franchise at primitively $535 million, according to a rise seal to the negotiations.
"Congrats to Vivek & the new ownership band!" Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a ex- NBA gambler who mounted a crusade to amass the pair in California, wrote on Twitter. "NBA's unanimous desire support sends a heavy statement of New Balance ML574RUN Navy Blue Gold for the Kings' propitious following in Sac!"Johnson has said the investor organization behind the deal includes 24-Hour Fitness progenitor Object Mastrov, members of the Jacobs children with ties at Qualcomm Inc, and others from California. Ex-Facebook Inc leader Chris Kelly has also been identified as an investor.
"It is an honor and a carte blanche to be side of such an remarkable community," Ranadive, the Chairman and CEO of issue software maker Tibco Software Inc, tweeted on Tuesday.Ranadive and his clique also scenario benefit of a new downtown arena.Fund-manager Hansen has prolonged vowed to give rise to a team bankroll b reverse to Seattle and rename it the SuperSonics after the team the burgh obsolete to Oklahoma City.As wrangling as a remainder the party mounted, Hansen increased his pray for a controlling interest in the Kings to $406 million, which valued the team at an unprecedented $625 million. He already has a act with the big apple to bod a hip arena.But last month, a commission of NBA owners voted that the get should live in Sacramento.

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